What is our ‘In-Home Trial Policy’?
Our selling philosophy is to allow customers to take home up to 3 rugs on trial for a 3 day period. decide on sizes and colours suitable. We call this our “in-Home Trial Policy”. We do require customers name, address, phone number and or a credit card imprint for security purposes. The selection will not be processed on the card until they wish to purchase or if the rug is not returned by the due back date.

Do we offer a Delivery

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For our Senior and physically challenged customers we offer a Free Delivery Service within the Winnipeg perimeter highway. For all other customers within Winnipeg we charge a minimum fee for delivery of approximately $30.00 per trip for regular customers.

What does our Service Department offer?

Our full service department can take care of your every need when it comes to your area rugs. We offer several services such as:
fringe or defringe most rugs
repair damaged rugs
In store cleaning service
Binding Service for binding edges
we can cut, reinforce, shape and re-bind area rugs
repair peg damage
runner installation in hall and on stairways
Cut plain broadloom carpet into special sizes & bind

Do we sell underlayments and undercushion?
We sell all types of underlayment and regular carpet undercushion. No slip underlays in pre-sized packages are available. The packages come in 4X6, 5’3×7’6, 6’6X9’6, 8X10. We have 6ft wide rolls that can be cut to special sizes and also 2ft wide runner underlay that is sold by the linear foot.